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About Buster Crabbe Pools

We started building swimming pools in 1983 and since then have built over 1000 pools in the Southwest Missouri area...

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Energy Efficiency: Less is More

Swimming pools have a bad reputation for being all around expensive and hard to maintain. In the past it would be hard to argue with that, but there are some new technologies that will make maintaining your pool cheaper and easier. No matter what size, shape, or features, there are ways to lower your costs and make your pool more enjoyable. Swim More with Less Work and Less Money.

Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps offer constant, consistent, and low cost heating. While slightly more expensive upfront than a traditional gas heater, a heat pump will more than make up for the additional cost by saving you hundreds of dollars a month in operating costs. Plus, you will be able to keep your pool heated constantly instead of spot heating for parties or the occasional weekend. And during the dog days of July and August when the water starts feeling more like a bathtub than a refreshing desert oasis, some units can both heat and cool the water.

Salt-Chlorine Generators:

A salt water pool means you are generating chlorine from salt. Benefits include: soft water feel and less water balance issues. But by far, the best benefit is a constant stream of chlorine without having to refill your chlorinator. No more having to handle chlorine pucks and no more costly algae blooms when you run out of tablets and don't notice. Plus, the savings you'll get from not having to add so many chemicals will defray some of the initial costs. There are some issues that you should consider with salt water so talk to us to determine what your best options are.

Water Polisher:

Sand filters are just about the best combination of good filtration with ease of use. The addition of a water polisher to your sand filtration system will allow even better filtration (more than doubling filter efficiency) and you would continue to use your sand filter just as you always have. Under normal conditions, the polisher would only have to be maintained at the beginning of the season. Fewer particles in the water will mean fewer chemicals and more sparkle to your water.


 Variable Speed Pumps:

A traditional pump on an average pool uses 20,000 watts of power every day - that's 200 light bulbs burning constantly! A variable speed pump on an average pool would use about 2,700 watts every day - that's 70% less power than a traditional pump. In other words, a variable speed pump would take 70% off the usage charge on your electric bill. Variable speed pumps are also built with sealed motors that last 3 times longer than a traditional motor. Over its lifetime, you will actually save money by replacing your old pump with a new variable speed.